3 Things to Expect When Hiring a Customs Brokerage Firm 

Stringent import laws in the US make it next to impossible to handle the hassling work of import on your own. It’s even more overwhelming for people who are importing goods to the US for the first time. 

The amount of paperwork and documentation is alone enough to knock the wind out of you even if the import item(s) is for personal use. Besides, there are many goods that require additional paperwork. So, if you think you can manage the import procedure on your own, then we’d say, think again. 

Just like you cannot perform surgery or make the right diagnosis without a doctor, importing goods in the US isn’t much different. 

Only a reputable customs brokerage firm like Clearit customs brokerage has the right resources and experience to let your goods enter US soil without delay. 

If you’re planning to import goods in the US too, we have mentioned 3 reasons why it’s better to hire brokers from trusted firms and the many services that you can avail of. Dive in for all the details!

  1. Goods are Cleared Across all Ports 

No matter your goods are arriving via air, sea, or road, customs brokers will get a clearance irrespective of the means of transportation. 

They will offer services not only at major ports but also the minor ones as long as the import is happening on US soil. 

You’ll have only one responsibility: providing the brokers with a commercial invoice. The rest comes from your freight forwarder and is handled by your customs brokers. 

  1. There’s No Delay

One of the reasons that customs brokerage firms like Clearit take pride in their work is that they get the Cargos cleared at customs without delay. 

On-time clearance is the only way to cap added expenditure. If the clearance is delayed, the goods that are held are stored in the warehouses owned by the customs department. The charges for the storage are high. 

With the right brokers working for you, you won’t have to worry about any such cost. 

  1. Process is Easy

You have to register on the website and as soon as that’s done, you’re not going to be alone until your goods will be cleared. 

Live agents will help you upload all the documents. Once that’s done, you’ll be assigned a personal broker to handle the import work. 

Your broker will go through the paperwork and ask for more documents in case anything is missing. Their job is to ensure timely and hassle-free legal import in the US and they’re very good at their job. 

In a nutshell, you can unburden yourself from the complications of importing goods in the USA by hiring customs brokerage firms that do not charge upfront fees, openly declare their prices on their website, and send agents to the site of import as soon as the Cargo arrives.