4 Ways To Bring New Customers Into Your Store

As a retailer, your high street position might be one with an assured footfall. Your demographic is well-known, as are the names of your regulars. However, it can be difficult to attract new shoppers, those unfamiliar with your brand. It may simply be that the products you offer aren’t what they need or want but there is always a chance that they have the potential to become a new and frequent customer.

With this possibility in mind, we’re sharing four ways that can help your business to bring in first-time footfall into your store. 

Window Displays

One of the most effective ways to draw in new customers is with an impressive window display. It must, most importantly, communicate a message efficiently, more so than simply showcase your products. There are only a few seconds in which a customer will glance at your window, which is why it must share with them all the information they need to appeal to their intrigue.

Think of the display as a stage and that your tableau is to tell a story. The most successful window displays are those that not only showcase products but share a message too, be it an aesthetic or lifestyle. If, for example, you want to see homeware products, create a display that showcases these pieces in action. Creating a dining room experience in your window helps those who pass by to quickly discern what they can get from your store. Not simply plates and cutlery but a beautiful dining experience.


Another way to communicate effectively is to use signage. This display format can be incredibly effective for announcements, such as for promoting sales and seasonal offers, but they can also share a great deal of information about your brand’s values. 

The design of your logo and layout can communicate information without words, colours can suggest emotions, and fonts can appeal to different tastes. This is why graphic designers are in high demand. Additionally, the sign’s physical appearance, the quality of its stand offs and display, will also speak of your brand’s quality too.


Hosting an event or pop-up can be a fantastic way to attract new customers. They can occur far from your shop’s location, enabling you to directly interact with entirely new customers who might not know of your store’s presence on the high street. 

Pop-up events also create a buzz, especially on social media. Whether an individual is given a free product or an experience, they are more likely to talk about your brand with others, a process that is now amplified by social media platforms, reaching an even wider audience.

Digital Marketing

Social media is an undeniable asset to retailers, with many considering it to be the most powerful advertising tool ever created. Even a simple profile can help new customers to find your store, as well as giving them a source of information. Digital signs for retail stores are also among the more popular sign types to advertise your store.

Should customers have any questions about your business, those that might help them to decide whether or not to visit your store, social media will give them a way to ask them or have them answered.