Essential Outsourcing for the Hotel Industry

Every hotel, no matter the size, requires many services performed by third parties, who work tirelessly in the background to ensure that the hotel can offer a high level of service for their guests. Outsourcing caught on several decades ago, as industry needs created new service industries, and almost all medium to large hotels outsource what they can. There are several benefits to hiring a third party provider, as there is no investment required, and you don’t need to take on more staff, as the work is carried out by the provider, and for a medium to large hotel, the following services would be outsourced.

  1. Linen Laundry – This is a crucial service, and your guests will expect the very best in terms of bed linen, towelling and table linen, and if you are wondering, “Where would I find a commercial laundry service near me?” And the answer is a simple Google search. There are, of course, many providers and by looking for a company that has a good name in the industry, your linen needs will be taken care of by a reliable provider.
  1. Kitchen Maintenance – The hotel kitchen has to endure some serious punishment, and those very few hours per day when the kitchen is idle, a team of specialist engineers would attend to all maintenance. If you want a kitchen that can be worked 20 hours a day, every day, then regular appliance servicing is a must. The contractor would offer several services for the hotel, such as kitchen degreasing and climate control maintenance would also be on the menu. Some hotels have a separate contractor who is responsible for the cleaning, while others have the servicing company attend to it, and either way, the kitchen area must always be spotless.
  1. Security – A hotel without security is unthinkable, and while the large hotel chain would likely employ their own security personnel, the rest will outsource this to a professional security contractor. This specialist provider would have a large workforce consisting of qualified security operatives who have experience in the hotel industry, and they would be responsible for both internal and exterior security, with perimeters constantly monitored by CCTV.
  1. Building Maintenance – It goes without saying that for a hotel, there are very stringent rules and regulations regarding building maintenance and fire safety. Whenever the hotel’s licence comes up for renewal, the local authority would send a team to inspect the premises, and they might even call for a structural survey to be carried out should they find anything untoward. Every hotel can expect a surprise visit at any time, which might be by the food and hygiene people, building safety, or consumer protection.
  1. Grounds Maintenance – The grounds of a hotel must be in tip-top shape and the regular attention would be entrusted to a local landscaping contractor, who would ensure that grassed areas are cut, hedges trimmed and borders weeded. A very large hotel with an expanse of land might actually find it cheaper to hire one or two gardeners, and that would be a full time job for two people, yet, like all the other aspects of the hotel, it cannot be overlooked.

Every single hotel has a need for the above services, and for many, there are other specialist contractors who are involved in the smooth running of the establishment. Next time you stay in a top class hotel, spare a thought for the many people who work tirelessly in the background to provide you with the ultimate in comfort and luxury.