Great Supports for the Finest Quality of Essay Writing

Use your keywords in all sections of the text and, where appropriate, in headlines. Also use synonyms of your keywords. But do not use the keywords compulsively and not too often. Grammatical adjustments and necessary filler words such as prepositions are allowed. Nice writing style and ease of use suggests keyword usage. As there are different types of essay writing you can now have the perfect support available for the same and that also within the budget that you have.

Keywords in awards and lists

John Müller writes that bots are “might-like” (but greasy) keywords, but above all that they improve usability for your users. So we advise you to use lists and awards. However, mainly for the following three reasons:

  • They relax your text.
  • They help your users quickly capture the most important information.
  • They are better remembered.
  • This in turn produces positive user signals and these have a positive effect on your ranking.

User Signals

User signals are an important ranking factor.

Keywords and pictures

Images can help your content to rank better. As you take advantage of their full potential, you can read in Silja’s blog post “Use pictures for your content marketing.”. The technical basis for an SEO text is, if you include images, then use in the ALT attributes

Keywords: if your keyword is on the image. We also recommend that you use your keywords in the image-text – for example, in captions. By the way: Also the file names should contain the respective keyword, so for example.

Tip: Pay attention to the size of your pictures

Upload your pictures only in the size in which you use them later. If you upload a picture in 5000px and later scaled it down to 300px, it will still load in full size – and that in turn negatively affects your loading time.

Building the SEO text

Again and again, we also get questions about the optimal structure of an SEO text. Basically, this question is quite easy to answer: Think of a document that you can fly over as quickly as possible and still get all the important information. Headlines should tell you the most important of a paragraph – if you want to know more then you read into this section. Of course, it still depends on the nature of your text: A product description you will have to write differently than a company history. However, the following basics apply to all SEO texts:

Heading Structure

Your headline structure should be logical. This means that the main heading of your text is html as <h1> – of which there is only one. After all, your book does not have two titles, right?

This is followed by one or more <h2>. If a paragraph under a <h2> is broken down thematically again, one or more <h3> follows. Quite in detail with many examples, I have explained to you in my blog post about the correct use and structuring of SEO headings.