How AI or Artificial Intelligence is Shaping the Website Design’s Future

Lately, there are a lot of discussions about AI or Artificial Intelligence and its abilities when it comes to web designing. Believe it or not, Artificial Intelligence can do everything and anything. Of course, we can see that a lot of companies are trying to experiment with creative things that are related to Artificial Intelligence, in all kinds of articles or online forums.

But in today’s digital world, consumers are expecting customization at any level. These companies are looking for something that’s very easy to follow. However, with different things on your to-do list of balancing your work-life list and managing the e-store, it can be very overwhelming.

AI or Artificial Intelligence is being used for a lot of industries, and it already proved its efficiency and productivity and now improving their functionalities. But what can AI have to offer to web designing in general?

Can it bring the customization concept to the next level? If you want to know how AI can help with the improvement of web design, you can check out sites like Now let’s get down to business.

AI can offer its virtual hand

You think that AI is almost everywhere. From VA or virtual assistant to AI bots, companies are displaying a significant interest in using Artificial Intelligence in their marketing processes, to make their target market’s lives a lot easier. In fact, according to RankBrain, a machine-learning AI search algorithm, that provides the user relevant and high-quality search results for their search queries.

When it comes to VA, Hey Google, Cortana, or Siri can assist the users to help them process their questions on the internet with the use of voice AI. Users can do easy tasks like calling people, playing music, searching for a product, or even watching videos. Moe assistants like Google Home and Amazon Echo let the users activate the appliance in their house quickly. You may or may not like it. But AI is starting to evolve and incorporate itself into people’s lives slowly.

Automated Website design

According to Artificial Intelligence’s abilities, a lot of companies have already introduced a DIY site platform like The Grid. This platform can build a site which can make relevant design decisions, depending on the AI. It analyzes the website’s contents to recognize a suitable, font, layout, or color that make it an attractive site by taking intelligent decisions on the design.

But the question is, how Artificial Intelligence programs and machines can create a humane, innovative website that is based on the client’s recommendations? Well, there are a lot of capabilities and factors that set the AI to stand out from the rest of the competition.


With AIs cognitive capabilities, it can also create good and quality designs. The design is just designing a fantasy of the artist’s creative mind, which they draw from their encompassing, what they hear and see, is a direct result of their mental and social state. You might be thinking, how machines can hear or see?

Well, they can recognize their surroundings with the help of sensors and the Internet of Things or IoT which simulates a fantasy and utilize it to their benefits in creating some eye-catching and attractive graphics. Not only that, when an AI machine has an internet connection, they can have access to the same kind of references for designs like what the humans have.

So, when the designers give a recommendation or a suggestion to make a satellite to be put on the site, the Artificial Intelligence already knows what these satellites would look like, thanks to the AI machine learning. It can search for any satellite image on the internet easily.

Context apprehension

One of the main differences between a smart algorithm and non-efficient programs is that the latter will trigger the same order of tasks without examining the situations if you ask the AI to paint a particular picture or image using the color blue, it will do what it was asked to do.

But smart algorithm knows what you are asking the AI to do based on the context. It will take decisions since the complete website designs as well as its themes. Instead of painting or drawing the graphic with a shade of red, it will choose a shade that goes perfectly well with its content and the design.

Not only that, if someone suggested a color that does not go well or fit with the website design, the smart algorithm in Artificial Intelligence will pick a color that will match the design. It is possible with the help of the AIs cognitive abilities.