How To Create A Great Marketing Plan With 5 Steps?

Not every marketing plan is considered to be a good one since there are certain qualities that need to be met for it to achieve the title of a ‘good marketing plan’. However, making a marketing plan has never been this simple, since now we are able to hire an expert to help us out. So if you want an expert to help you out, make sure to call a good brand consultant Sydney from BrandQuest.

It is very easy to see the difference between a potentially successful marketing plan and a semi-good marketing plan. Usually, the successful marketing plan follows a strategy, while a mediocre one will have no structure. In the following five steps, you will get to see how to create a great marketing plan.

  1. Focus on the market

Your target market should be defined in a narrow matter. When you try to please everyone, there will be a lot of pressure put on you, which usually results in failure. For example, while a fashion brand’s target can be everyone, the brand itself has to be narrowed. You would have to decide first between genders, and then the age.

Focus on what your end-game should be

  1. Product is important

While you should focus on your market first and foremost, you also need to focus on your product. For example, if your targets are working women who are in their 50s, then you should offer, formal, semi-formal and quality dresses. In addition, explain what your products do; i.e, if you offer shoes that help you lose weight, you need to specify how that works.

  1. Measurable specifics

You need to include all minor and major details with correct dates and create a proper timeline. Everything should ideally be in numbers, and quantifiable. A good marketing plan will be driven by a good strategy, however, the tactics and details will surely give it a push.

A good strategy =happy clients

For example, in a fashion brand, you can’t have a vague goal like ‘make clients happy’ or ‘product quality clothes’. But, this does not mean that it is not important to have happy customers and produce high-quality products, this just indicates that those goals are not quantifiable, which means that they should not be a part of that plan.

When starting a new business, you are allowed to have both long-term and short-term marketing plans. However, these plans should both be interconnected; i.e: your chosen short-term plan, should in some way help you get to your long-term marketing plan.

  1. Responsibility and accountability

You should not count on people to do their jobs correctly, especially in groups. It is a known fact that more work will be done individually, than in groups. To receive better results, you should give every individual a specific job to finish.

  1. Revision and reviews

A marketing plan can be seen more as a planning process than a plan. With the dynamic environment we live in, it is really not affordable to have static marketing plans. With a good marketing plan, you will be able to set your goals and track performances, while measuring it in quantifiable units.

Final word

While creating a good marketing plan can be achieved by following these five steps, getting some side help from an expert is never a bad idea. If you want to hire a good consultant to help you out, you can just contact you best rebranding agency like BrandQuest.