If You Have Been Suspended, How To Appeal?

For Amazon merchants, 2022 has been a banner year, with sales rising steadily from one year to the next. Unfortunately, the good news hasn’t been universal for Amazon’s third-party sellers because cases of amazon suspended accounts are growing.

For many vendors, suspending their Amazon seller account is a terrifying and sometimes financially devastating event. Take a deep breath if you’ve recently had your seller account suspended, and follows these amazon suspension appeal instructions. If despite your best efforts, Amazon suspends your account, you should look into all of your accounts, giving special attention to any ASINs flagged for past policy violations.

Review the Amazon regulations and agreements page and your Seller Central performance metrics in light of the suspension notification to determine whether guidelines were broken. You may want to submit a ticket if you have questions about your suspension. Make sure to mention the suspension’s justification(s) in your amazon suspension appeal. Accept blame and apologize to the client for the harm done. Please reassure Amazon that you appreciate the opportunity to sell on their platform and that you will always go above and beyond for their customers.

Don’t Attack Amazon’s Product Quality Process

Your Plan of Action should be comprehensive and founded on your internal account findings to maximize the likelihood of a successful appeal. This is a significant selling point for you. Remember that if investigators want more data, your appeal will be delayed, costing you time and money.

To prevent future complaints regarding the quality of your goods, your Plan of Action must pinpoint the specific cause(s) of customer dissatisfaction. For example, if you’re a seller suspended for shipping problems, you may want to indicate that you’re going to FBA to solve the issue. To file a successful appeal against an amazon suspended account, go to Seller Central’s Performance Notification area, locate your suspension notice, and click the “Appeal” button. Then comes the wait.

Helpful Hints For Formulating An Efficient Strategy

If you want a thoughtful response to your amazon suspension appeal, you shouldn’t hit the “Appeal” button immediately. Instead, you could present Amazon with a compelling case for why they should restore your account. Think about things thoroughly before reacting.

Suggestions For Developing A Workable Strategy For Appealing Amazon Suspended Account

  • Don’t be emotional or vent your frustration at losing the account by commenting on Amazon’s procedures or the slowness of their personnel.
  • Don’t complicate things; just give them the information they need. Pay attention to policies instead than measures for success.
  • Use bullet points or numbers rather than paragraphs to explain what happened and what you did to fix it.
  • Get right to the point in your introduction, showing the reader that you understand the big picture and have addressed the problem.
  • Don’t add extra information or opinions
  • Verify that all causes of amazon suspension appeal are addressed in detail within the Plan of Action.