Makassar Tourism:Losari Beach

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Losari Beach is definitely no stranger, especially for the folks of Makassar and its surroundings. The beach which is located from the west of Makassar city became an icon of Makassar and it is one of the most well-known attractions for tourist in Makassar. LosariBeachfamous for its sunset, was once referred to as the shore with the longest dining table and stall in the world. . Along this shore there utilized to be camping tent stalls that attached to another for approximately 1 km.

Additionally to peddling many different kinds of fish at nighttime, the stalls sell various kinds of Makassar specialties, the many well-known of this is banana epe. Banana banana is a banana that’s burnedoff, then flattened and awarded brown sugar, very tasty when it is eaten while still hot. Presently, the stalls have been transferred, no longer over Losari Beach, however roughly Losari Beach, just facing the Mayor of Makassar’s home.

In addition to having the ability to enjoy the beauty of the beach, visitors can also enjoy online facilities across Losari Beach. This is one of the uniqueness of the Losari beach, a beach which has free internet hotspot facilities. Losari Beach is also frequently used as a place to operate out. A lot of people visit Losari Beach to function in the daytime because of the trendy setting and mild breeze. Losari Beach is a natural tourist place that is seldom found in other towns, because there’s rarely a natural tourist place in the center of town as on Losari Beach.

Losari Beach doesn’t have sand such as on other beaches, so you cannot perform in the sand on this beach. Along with that you can’t float because the water is so heavy it is dangerous for swimming actions. Rather, on this shore you’ll discover water games like boats, water bikes and banana boats. Even though it doesn’t have sand, along this shore is created a concrete embankment to hold out against the waves, even on this particular concrete embankment there is often many women and men who fish. Within this coastal region there’s also a distinctive and interesting mosque. A mosque named Masjid AmirulMukminin that’s to input the tourist place is free distinctive since it is a floating mosque. A mosque called Masjid Amir Mukminin that is equipped to join the tourist area is free those ocean of Losari Beach. Losari Beach is quite easy to accomplish by utilizing public transport. Additionally, to input the tourist place is free from charge.

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