ManyChat Digital Marketing Strategies

Digital marketing has become the best way of marketing for your business. Internet became the perfect platform for large companies to manipulate the market and show of their products in the best way. Because technology is improving constantly, it is hard for some of them to keep up. There are many details you have to follow to make a perfect campaign.

Collecting information is what every company is looking for because that is the most valuable thing now. Besides collecting it, you have to know how to use it. Chatbots became one of the best ways to do so and a lot has been invested in their success. It’s also a new experience to the customer which in the beginning was bad, but new bots are starting to look more like humans.

There is no secret formula behind these programs. They are available online, and you can always hire someone to make them for you. You just need to provide the database they will use at the beginning and the opportunity to grow. Artificial intelligence is the future, and we can expect that it will replace many jobs and so save a lot of money to firms.

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Social Media Strategy and Marketing

There is no doubt that bots are bringing a lot of benefits to social media and that is because it perfectly matches highly personalized messaging and marketing. Connecting with customers through social media has become one of the main ways of doing so. Any customer is now able to reach the brand when they want through social media. There is data that shows that 65% of consumers went to Facebook and Twitter for customer service in 2015. You will always see more people on the streets texting than talking on the phone.

Because users turn to these applications, there should be a whole new marketing strategy that involves messaging, but when you have a high volume of customers it is hard to manage it. That’s where chatbots come in place as a great solution which can do a better job than most of the people. They will respond in less than a second and give a straight answer.

They can also do better than other methods of SMM. Just Eat did an experiment where chatbots referred their partner restaurants. Amazingly, almost three times more conversion rate was made than you could do with an ad. Adidas also found that in the first couple of weeks chatbot will generate more signups than an application for their women audience. Their willingness to purchase from this program is increasing every year and now it’s around 40%. The more human-like bots become the more people will listen to their suggestions.

Gathering Demographic Data

The program is able to accumulate important demographic data like location, product preferences, age, gender and more. This information is very important for every business where companies can see which products are popular for a certain group. They will be able to measure the effectiveness of the product. Facebook is able to do that also, but it isn’t as accurate as it should be. Artificial intelligence is more precise in giving information.

Facebook doesn’t put in the calculation that someone who liked a page decade ago maybe has different interests now. So, it has to be updated constantly in order to give precise information. When you gather data through conversation, you will always be up to date. Not only on social media, but also on websites, chatbots are doing a great job in gathering data.

When it comes to younger demographics, they are more likely to interact with a bot than go through email. With the data gathered from the users’ consumption and conversations, you are able to gather information that provides necessary insight into their thought process. You can use this further for your SMM strategies and campaigns.

Chatbot as Enhanced Strategy

The engagement with the brand or consumer is changing every few years because we get new applications and people tend to lose interest faster. In the past, we used textual as a primary way of interaction, and now it is more visually-based. You are able to see on app stores how much people are using certain messaging applications like Messenger that has over 1.5 billion users. Companies know how much this is important, so it is estimated that over 80% will adopt chatbots in the next few years.

Direct Approach

The difference between the program and other ways of digital marketing is the direct approach they are able to do. It is able to provide the user what matters the most to them. When it gets the information and collects it, it can provide real value which will end up in satisfying the customer that will become a loyal customer. It is a more personalized and optimized approach.

Every user will have a personal agent that knows what they are looking for. Socializing with your fans and making real connections is what SM is all about. In a few years, you won’t be able to recognize that it is a bot which will add a new experience to the customer. When you have buying history in some popular stores, their chatbots are able to recognize your taste and pick the outfit you would choose. Every customer will be satisfied because they aren’t wasting time, and we now live in a fast world where time matters the most. Click here to read more.

Use Different Platforms

Because they are capable of doing great things you shouldn’t focus on making a great program for one platform. Also, it isn’t a good method of using the same bot for a lot of platforms. Because they can refer things to the user, you don’t want them to get the same information everywhere they go.

Each application or website should have its own program that is slightly different than other. This will make the user think they are having a different conversation, but the success of both will usually be the same. Each program will focus on different ways of approach.