Reasons For Pedestrian Accidents in Rockford

What exactly are pedestrian accidents? If there is any situation where a non-car driver or someone on the road gets hit by a car, it will be deemed a car accident. It is not really a concern what the pedestrian was doing, he or she could be walking, sitting, or even lying down. Whatever the pedestrian may have been up to, if they get injured in an accident with any vehicle, it is a pedestrian accident. The pedestrian could be on a wheelchair, skateboard, bicycle, or scooter. How an attorney may proceed with claims would usually depend on the circumstances and what led to the accident. If you need help, hire a Rockford personal injury lawyer today!

What leads to pedestrian accidents?

A range of things, honestly. As per reports conducted on pedestrian accidents, it has been seen that the most common places of occurrence are intersections, parking lots, crossings, and when people cross the roadway at unmarked crosswalks.

It’s the driver’s responsibility to pay attention to road and street signs. Failure in doing so could lead to severe accidents. Another possible reason for pedestrian accidents could be when a car crashes with another vehicle, which leads to one of the cars or vehicles moving into the space for pedestrians. Another serious issue is speeding during rush hour or during business hours. 

Another contributing factor that leads to pedestrian accidents is poor weather conditions. Due to poor weather conditions, cars often crash into other cars or pedestrians. This happens mostly when there’s too much fog or rain. At other times, accidents like these can be avoided. 

Drivers getting distracted when they are driving could be another possible reason. Not only do such actions put the life of the driver in danger, but also those of others. It’s never a good idea to be on the phone when you are on the go. It’s not the way the drivers do this, the pedestrians can also be at fault for being negligent. In such cases, one can determine liability based on comparative negligence. 

Lastly, a driver must never drive when they are intoxicated. Driving under the influence is an offense, and could lead to serious pedestrian accidents.

Final thoughts:

Does any of this sound familiar or has happened to you? You should hire a Rockford personal injury attorney for pedestrian accidents to get your rights safeguarded.