Responsibilities of a Buyer’s Agent

A real estate professional, while working as a buyer’s agent should be responsible to act as a resource for the clients. They should be guided through each step of the home buying process. You could easily find a buyer’s agent or buyers advocate Melbourne if you look up online for various agencies that offer their services. Have a look at some of the general tasks that are handled by a buyer’s agent.

Finding listings

In the initial stage of the process, the buyer’s agent would assess the buyers based on their preferences and needs to come up with the decision on what their idea of a perfect home is. They would then make use of the information and begin searching for ideal properties. As and when the new listings enter the market, the agent would send the buyer details of any properties that would match their needs. 

Scheduling visitations

The buyers would check the listings that are being sent by their agent. They would then go ahead and shortlist the ones they would like to view in person. The agent would then check with the respective listing agents. They would then fix a time for the buyer to visit the property. The buyer agent would also inform the buyer’s regarding any open houses that they might be interested in checking out.

Answering and asking queries

The buyer’s agent usually goes with the buyers to show all the listings, especially open houses that are of interest to the buyer. Why buyers tour the property, the buyer’s agent would answer any of the questions and queries regarding the property based on their expertise. The buyer’s agent would ask the listing agent any question the buyer’s mind did not know to ask and gain more insight into the seller’s situation, property condition, taxes and so on.

Consultation regarding the pricing

Once the buyers find an apt property they would be interested in, the buyer’s agent would ask the listing agent if there are any disclosures regarding the property which might affect the home’s pricing or desirability. The agent would then run a comparative market analysis and determine an appropriate price for the property that was recently sold in the area. Buyer agents would recommend that the buyers should make a particular of a based on the analysis and specifications of the property. 

Negotiating with the listing agent

Once an offer is made on the buyer’s behalf, the buyer’s agent would negotiate based on both terms as well as the price. Agent court informs the buyers regarding any counter offer made by the seller and consults them if it should be accepted or amendments need to be made. The buyer’s agent would inform the clients regarding various possible ways to make the offer more competitive. It could be like eliminating issues or adjusting the closing date. As soon as the seller accepts the offer the buyer’s agent would begin to draft the contracts. 

Recommending other real estate professionals

The buyer’s agent would advise and guide the buyers in each step. Before the closing date, they might refer other real estate professionals to help out in accelerating the closing process and to make sure that the buyer’s interests are protected.