The best business opportunity for you in California

Marijuana is still considered a schedule one drug because the general mass thinks (or have been made to accept) that there are no medical benefits from marijuana. However, this inaccurate innuendo has, for a long time, hindered the legalization of Cannabis. Nonetheless, steps towards the legalization of marijuana have been tremendous thus far.

However, most states, including California, have legalized the medical use of marijuana. Interestingly enough, there has been limited medical research on Cannabis; probably because of the rules and regulations that prohibit researchers from getting their hands on it.

In California, marijuana dispensaries are available for both medical and recreational purpose, though you do need a government issued ID and an age limit of not less than 21, for you to shop. This is because California passed a preposition act on marijuana use by adults in November of 2016, which allows recreational use. It therefore goes without say that you can comfortably start and run a marijuana dispensary in California.

Why do you need to start a marijuana dispensary in California?

Since the legalization of marijuana use in 2016, it is very possible to run a profitable marijuana dispensary. There are benefits that are accompanied by this.

It is legal to sell

2018 came with great hopes for the legalization of marijuana use. However, it has always been legal to sell marijuana in California.

The business in not saturated with entrepreneurs

The greatest problem hindering the development and prosperity of certain industries is their saturation in the market. However, starting a marijuana dispensary is very profitable because there is still no competition in the market.

The demand is high

Although smoking of marijuana has been illegal for quite a long time, its usage has not been completely eradicated. There is still a large market for marijuana products. Therefore, you will always have customers at your doorstep wanting a piece of your pie.

What do you need for starting a marijuana dispensary?

Legal documents

To always be on the safe side of the law, you must always adhere to the rules of the land. Legal documents that will guarantee your success in marijuana business include a state license, a business license, and any other occupational permit.

Initial capital

Like all business start-ups, initial capital is necessary for installing the physical structure, buying tools and paying for labour.


Determination and success go hand in hand. You will not only the zeal to work hard but also the persistence and determination so that you can achieve your goals.

How to start out in your marijuana dispensary

With all the necessary tools and legal documents in place, you can then start profiting from your dispensary. You need to ensure that you do the following:

·         Have consistent supply:

You can obtain your supplies from some other sources. However, it will be cheaper and more profitable when you legally obtain plants and seeds. You can then plant your own cannabis and sell them in your dispensary.

·         Market your business

Since you have successfully managed to make your business legal, you can go ahead and market it to increase your number of customers.Setting up a marijuana dispensary is easy, especially in California. The business is profitable and worth having.

With positive intent, self empowerment and determination, you can successfully make a great fortune from your business.