The Perfect Options for the best CRM Service

There are many situations in which keeping the CRM system up-to-date causes problems, various solutions have been developed to keep the content of these systems at the right quality level. For example, it is possible to realize a link between the existing CRM system and the external databases that are used within the organization. Organizations have no use if they are not accessible. The right technology makes it possible to distribute, process and integrate relationship data with data from other systems. This creates a total picture of all available information within one central environment. The use of the best crm for small business comes up perfect here.

The CRM system

Organizations can then easily see which data from the external database is not yet present in the CRM system and have the option to upload this data in their own system. Changes made to the external database are also changed in your own system with an automatic update.

  • In addition, organizations can see when the information in the record was last updated, so that it is clear how current the information is. Thanks to these investments in technology, a total insight into the complete sales and marketing information is now created at the push of a button.
  • The end result is continuity, accessibility and, last but not least, insight into the origin of the relationship data.
  • Market knowledge is a condition for making new business plans and for establishing a successful sales strategy. How do organizations get this knowledge? The information pyramid gives a clear picture of that.

The First Layer

The first layer of noise reflects your gut feeling: “I think the market is growing”, “There will be around x companies that use product y.” A gut feeling that often leaves us in practice and certainly does not form the basis for building a strategy. The two layers above are the specialty of external database suppliers. The use of the best client management app comes essential here now.

  • Uniform data, current data that provide insight into the market and the possibility to make selections so that data can be converted into specific information.
  • The quality and timeliness of these facts are essential for the following steps to be successful. With up-to-date data, organizations can structure the information from different sources, so they get knowledge.
  • For example about the buying behavior of customers. And if organizations are able to structure the knowledge, for example by making connections between knowledge in different areas, then well-founded decisions can be made and the sales strategy can be adjusted accordingly.

In practice

The information pyramid shows how data can be converted into knowledge. In addition, the quality and topicality of data is the basis for analyzing market data and ultimately the strategy. But how does this work in practice? There comes the use of the best crm platform there.

Central knowledge source

Unisys is one of those companies that recognizes the importance of data quality and has caught the update in processes. Ending all the different spreadsheets and the problem of coordinating them, that was the task the Database Marketing Manager. One of the most important conditions for guaranteeing the quality requirement is, in our opinion, one central database in which all necessary market data are integrated.