Tips To Buying A Used Car From A Car Dealer

Once you have decided that you will buy a car the next step is to decide whether you can afford a new car, or you should go for a used car. If you think a used car will be more manageable with your budget, you can start shopping. There are many dealers who sell used cars. The first thing to remember is that you should look around and get a feel for the prices first. You should only buy when you are sure you have got the best price. There are a few things you should know before you finalize the deal. You should make sure it is a licensed car dealership.

Benefits Of Buying From A Car Dealer

Compared to buying from a private seller there are some benefits which you will get when you buy from a car dealer, even if you must pay a little extra. The first thing is that you get a day of cooling off period. This means that even if you have finalized everything you have time till the next day the dealer is open, for you to change your mind. This facility is not available when you buy from a private seller.

You will forfeit your privilege if you drive away the car home on the day you buy it. You can take the car for a test drive. You can order a quick PPSR check, even if they will give you a copy when you buy the car.

If the car is less than ten years old or has run under 160,000 km, then the dealer is bound to give you a warranty. This warranty is valid for three months or the first 5000 km whichever is early. It expires as soon as you cross either of these limits. For older vehicles, you will still get your consumer guarantees. The car should function properly and should be safe to drive. Nobody should take back the car from you unless you have defaulted on a loan. The car should not break down or fall apart too quickly.

Things To Check Before You Sign A Contract

There are a few things you should check before you sign on the dotted lines. You should ensure that there is no pending loan on the car which is unpaid. This you can know by getting a car history report. The car should be in good condition to register and it should not have any water damage.

You should make sure the car has a safety certificate. You should get a PPSR certificate from the dealer to assure it is not a stolen vehicle. You should get a mechanic to check the car for other problems. You should read the contract thoroughly and get all doubts cleared.

Once you have signed the contract get a copy of the contract and keep it safe. You should also get the copy of the registration certificate. Get the car registered in your name as soon as possible to avoid any problems later.