Unhappy Customers? Six Highly Effective Ways to Incentivize Them

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Do you notice that your customers are unhappy lately? They can’t help it. Things are a bit tough these days for everyone. You might not have noticed it, but even you feel differently. Certainly, you are not happy with how things are going for the business. You’re constantly looking out for the next big thing that will happen during this pandemic. So, having unhappy customers is not so strange because everyone’s anxious these days.

But that doesn’t mean you can’t do your part in making them at least happy with your offers. If they are still ordering from your business, you’ve got to thank them in some way for still being present despite the pandemic. Times are hard, but if they are supporting your business, then you’ve earned their loyalty.

Before you strategize what incentives to give them, you must find a company that you can collaborate with to operate gift cards, rewards cards, and incentives cards online. Blackhawk Network can be your partner of choice, though it’s also okay to check out what incentives Blackhawk’s competitors provide. This way, you can customize your business’ incentives program.

Extra Rewards Points

You already have a rewards program, but how about offering your customers double or even triple the points on slow days? If a customer is unhappy about a product, you can also use the program to reward them with extra points. Tell the customers that you’re crediting them with extra 50 points that they can use the next time they shop in your store.

Another thing that you can do is make the rewards points transferrable to friends and family. Put a cap on how many points they can share or give as a gift, so you don’t end up with a flawed system where customers “sell” points to one another. The idea will encourage more sales among friends and family members.

Bonus Upgrade on a Trial Basis

Do you have a membership in your store? You can give regular members a trial basis of the upgraded version of the membership. This way, they can get an idea of what they are missing out on. If they start to like the upgrade, they may even want to pay extra for the premium membership.

This is how software companies are marketing their products. They are offering customers free access to the upgraded version for a week or a month. After that period, the membership or software version will revert to the basic one. But by then, the customers will already know that they’re missing some cool features.

Discount on Next Purchase

Discounts work like magic. Offering discounts works for new and old customers. This is the fastest way to make customers happy. Even if they have no plans to buy again from your store soon, they will want to take advantage of the discount code you’ve given them. Imagine if the customers bought a shirt that’s the perfect fit for them. They’ll most likely want to purchase again, especially because they have a discount code for it.

Free Products

There’s nothing like freebies to make customers happy with your service. If a customer has a complaint about a product, why not offer to replace that product plus another one for free? This simple gesture will turn a casual customer into a loyal one. Imagine if you’re the one in that customer’s shoes. You will most likely expect to be annoyed by the return and replacement policy. In turn, you can “surprise” the customer with a freebie.

Additional Samples

Do you have other products that you want to introduce as part of a new line of slow-moving products? You can offer free samples of these products. Not only are you marketing other items in your company, but you’re also making customers happy by giving them these gifts to show your appreciation. Whenever possible, send additional samples to your customers so that they can try out your new offers.

Pay for the Related Product

Not many companies do this. Those selling services will benefit from this strategy because they can offer to pay for a related service for a certain period. They will let the customers “experience” these services for free. It’s a way to encourage customers to also start subscribing to the related product. Showcasing to them how these products can help in their personal or professional needs is a great marketing strategy.

Do something at the first sign of unhappiness from your customers. It’s not so difficult to keep them satisfied with your company. What’s important is to attend to their needs, address their concerns, and make them feel valued.

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meta desc: Making customers happy is not at all difficult. The important thing to know is to give them what they want: appreciation. Discount codes and free shipping offers will make them feel that you value their patronage. Read more about it here.