3 Interesting Facts About Firefighter Challenge Coin

Challenge coins which were initially limited to the military; but after identifying the role they play to enhance unification within a team, they have been adopted by other organizations such as fire departments, police services, business, schools and so on to symbolize cohesiveness and belonging. 

The profession and on-field work of firefighting requires synergy and team spirit. Challenge coins serve as a great instrument to maximize this and improve the output. 

Here we shall talk about three interesting facts about firefighter challenge coins-

1] They are strongly tied to military 

As mentioned before; challenge coin distribution was traditionally a practice of the military to foster comradeship. They are believed to have been used since World War I where they served as a great object of identification. They reflect specific units and feature their own unique logo, motto and design. They are only passed on to deserving individuals by their superiors through a public or department wide ceremony, or privately one-on-one. Since they are not easy to get and are to be earned through serving the department impeccably, they are a huge honour for the recipient. 

2] They come in many sizes

There is no standard size or material used to create challenge coins. The sizes may generally vary from 1.5” to 3” which makes them easy to carry around in pockets, making them portable. The material used in the past to make challenge coins was limited to nickel, copper or pewter. But today, other materials like gold, silver, copper, bronze are also used. The size and material can be customized according to the demands of a department. 

3] Economical 

With advancements in technology, a superior quality of coins can be obtained with minimal costs. The modern production methods allow greater choice when designing a coin. Responders’ Pro firefighter coins offer options like 2D and 3D designs, coin edging, any size or shape as needed at affordable prices. 

Firefighting is arduous and a dangerous profession. The firefighters are extensively trained to work in collaboration and illustrate amazing levels of teamwork. Since the aim of challenge coins is to awaken the deep sense of unity within the team; they shouldn’t be made superficially and should be designed by putting in deep thought. Since they are a privilege, they shouldn’t be common or they lose their significance. They should be such that a glance at them instantly motivates the team to work as one!