CNC Machining: A Basic Guide

Close up of CNC machine at work

CNC machining is incredibly popular in today’s increasingly automatizing world. The basic component of any CNC machine is a computer that runs different coded, programmed instructions for processing materials based on the coded instructions. 

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How Does a CNC Machine Work?

A CNC machine is either used as a maneuverable tool or as a maneuverable platform. In any case, it is controlled by a computer. The computer operates it based on specific coded instructions. 

The instructions are given to the CNC machine in the form of programs such as G-code M-code. These programs can either be coded by professional programmers or by computer-aided design (CAD) or computer-aided manufacturing (CAM) software. All sorts of automated machines, including 3D printers, use G-code.  

Benefits of CNC Machining

CNC machining has completely replaced non-computerized machining. It has revolutionized the whole world of machining. Previously, machining was either manually or mechanically controlled. 

That was extremely difficult, time-consuming, expensive, and inefficient. With the advent of CNC machining, automated machining has increased and improved drastically.

1- Rapid Prototyping

What makes CNC machining the best is its ability to create a low volume of parts efficiently and quickly. It has a fast start-up time. It is very simple; here are the three basic steps you have to follow:

  1. Make a good CAD model.
  2. Generate a good CAM program
  3. Get to work!

It doesn’t mean that it includes only the above-mentioned steps. Developing fixturing, setup tools, and other tasks are, of course, important. However, the basic thing is just a two-step process to simplify it. 

CNC start-up costs are also very low because the tools and machines never stay idle in the machine shop. It allows people to get right down to machining the parts without wasting time here and there. 

The prototypes that are machined by CNCs are of great quality. CNC machines are best for producing high-quality finishes.

2- Production 

CNC machining is also the best choice for high-quality end-use parts. It is best for production because of the incredible speed and quality it promises. Also, using CNC machining significantly decreases the risks of overproduction. 


CNC Machining stands for Computer Numerical Control Machining. It is among one of the most advanced and commonly used technologies in an automated machine. 

CNC is used to convert machines into automated machines. It can be applied to all sorts of machines, such as mills, 3D printers, lathes, and drills.