9 Advantages of trading your debit online

Debt collections are not usually legal: multiple calls , over several days, at the worst possible hours. There comes a time when you start not answering anymore.

This is because, in addition to being invasive, the calls are embarrassing and do not give you real and practical conditions to make an advantageous trading for both you and the other side. Check out here!

Now imagine being able to get out of debt in a simpler way, being able to study all its possibilities?

Is it possible to trade debt online?

It was to meet this demand that several fintechs – technology companies related to financial issues – decided to create online trading platforms.

They are simple, practical and help you reach the best possible deal, without the hassles over the phone.

If all these benefits were not enough, there are several others, which may be exactly what was missing for you to get out of debt for good!

  1. Total discretion

When negotiating over the internet, no one is aware of your agreement, nor how much you owe. Only you and the company. 

You do not experience any embarrassment or the hassle of bill collectors on the phone, who call you in the middle of a meeting, or during a beer with friends. 

You can often trade alone, without having to talk to anyone! Not even the bank attendants.

  1. Security guarantee

Trading platforms are automated and protected by a digital certificate, which provides total security to users.

This means that they have information protection seals, provided by companies specializing in technology, as well as online banks.

The data is only transmitted between the client and the server and cannot be accessed by third parties. 

We have content with very practical tips for you to protect your data on the internet . Take a look!

  1. Ease

You choose the way you prefer to pay, without lengthy tradings, bank lines, waiting music. It is 100% without bureaucracy. 

In general, the systems are easy, practical and intuitive, and some will give you tips on how to get a better value , and all this in a few clicks.

After all, what you don’t need is more headache right now, right?

  1. Convenience

You can get out of debt by sitting on the living room sofa or at the kitchen table. Just you need to have a computer with internet access.

Without queues, without delay, and even without haste , so that you understand exactly what is the best trading option for your debt .

  1. Speed

On the other hand, not being in a hurry does not mean that the process will take time. After all, you are going to dictate the time.

As the systems are automated, you have a guarantee of agility in the process, so you don’t waste time with options that you couldn’t afford!

  1. Flexibility

Not everyone can afford to stop at 2 pm on a Tuesday to trade a debt over the phone or go to the bank.

But as we are talking about online systems, the platforms work every day, 24 hours a day , and can adapt to your routine . 

And we recommend that you do it calmly and in time, simply to evaluate all payment terms and make comparisons until you reach an amount that does not compromise your budget.

What is moreover also flexibility: moving values, payment terms … all in a few clicks to understand how you can really pay.

  1. Humanized

Technology can be a little too cold and distant, especially when dealing with such a delicate subject.

But the good platforms have a chat system and humanized processes , so that you can ask questions, know the best options and really solve your problem. 

Only in an easier way.

  1. Non-invasive

Unlike companies that charge by phone, you access the portal when you think it is convenient and trade according to your possibilities. 

You are the one who commands the trading, giving you more freedom and autonomy to even come and go when you want to close a value that makes sense.

  1. You don’t pay for it anymore

Quite the opposite!

You can often pay even less .

It is a simple account: while a person can make a limited number of agreements per day and is paid per hour, a platform is available 24 hours a day, which means less costs for banks and companies, which can give you better working conditions. trading.