Begus Insurance Group Recommend These Three Insurance Plans for Financial Support

Begus Insurance Group knows how important it is for individuals to protect their family’s future. They urge every individual who has financial dependents to take insurance policies that can help their immediate family members after the policy holder’s demise. Their life insurance policies provide financial coverage at affordable prices.

The death of a loved one causes sudden financial strain in addition to emotional trauma. Individuals can alleviate the financial strain of their loved ones by planning ahead. Most people regret not taking life insurance until later in life. Avoid this costly mistake and instead sign up for an insurance plan from Begus Insurance after you turn 45.

Dwight Lee from their team stresses the importance of taking life insurance. He says, ‘I became an agent because I had family members pass away with no coverage and limited knowledge about how life insurance works’. The funeral expenses can add up pretty quickly leaving your immediate family in a state of distress.

Individuals can be better prepared for this situation and alleviate the stress their family members would experience in the future. Begus Insurance offers three insurance plans that offer ample coverage to immediate family members of the policyholder.

Final Expense Insurance:

Term Plan: 10-year delay in buying costs a 35-year-old 70% more, says India's first insurance price index - The Financial Express

People over 45 who aren’t affected by any serious medical condition can apply for this policy without any general examination. The policy has no expiry date and stands valid until the demise of the person regardless of the policy holder’s age during the time of death. The policyholder should choose a beneficiary beforehand and pay monthly/ yearly premiums.

In the event of the policy holder’s death, the beneficiary gets access to the payout in the form of hard cash and he/ she can use it to cover any expenses especially the funeral expense. If there is a leftover amount, the beneficiary can use it to cover other expenses. A burial insurance plan ensures that the family of the deceased carries out the funeral rituals in a hassle-free manner.

Medicare Supplements:

The original Medicare usually covers inpatient hospital care, hospice, home healthcare, screening services, durable medical equipment, etc. according to the plan individuals choose. There are still other extra costs like copayments, coinsurance, deductibles that aren’t covered by Medicare which are taken care of by the Medicare Supplement plan Begus Insurance offers.

Term Insurance:

This plan provides coverage if the insurance holders die within a specified period (for 10 to 30 years), after which the plan expires and individuals have to apply again. This comes with a low premium making it an affordable alternative.

About Begus Insurance:

They are the leading insurance firm in the US that offers flexible and affordable insurance plans. Their website explains all their services offered in detail. After individuals request a quote online, their team of experienced insurance agents assesses the financial condition of the applicant in detail before offering insurance plan recommendations.

They explain to clients about each insurance plan and help them find the right plan according to their financial needs. In this way, individuals can purchase an affordable plan without burning a hole in their pocket.

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