Innovative Business: Future-Focused Choices


Digital innovations and their widespread effect on the marketplace have caused a revolution. The way that people approach selling and buying has evolved. The business world can now be modular and avoid being restricted in reach and revenue by distance or time zones. Businesses that have adapted to this and made the effort to embrace distance-compatible activities in the digital marketplace have been steadily reaping the rewards.

Digital technologies allow you to run your business from anywhere in the world. Cloud-based collaborative software and iridium satellite PTT systems are allowing managers to stay in real-time communication with staff members who may be on other continents and time zones. The concept of distance no longer has the hold that it used to have in keeping businesses from exploring a diverse array of choices in approaching selling.

The rise of the website as the most attractive form of ‘shopfront’ as well as the range of software and freelance services that allow a business to cover a diverse customers base with very little physical infrastructure has changed the game. As long as you have an internet connection, your business dreams are within your grasp. In many ways, if you have an innate understanding of social media, it can even give you an edge that many large businesses do not have. Customers are constantly on the lookout for the unique, and small businesses can deliver unique customer service experiences better than large conglomerates. Thus, a decentralized approach can deliver that individual experience even from a large organization.

Empower Staff to Work Independently  

Give your staff the training and mentoring they need to be leaders and make independent decisions that align with your companies direction and plans. This will allow you to focus on growth strategies and building value as your employees can be relied on to handle the day-to-day activities of running a business.  

In the digital marketplace, business success is often found in finding a niche and showcasing how exemplary your services are at filling that niche. Often, the move to showcase your abilities happen within very short spaces of time. The old ways where employees have to request meetings with managers to pitch their ideas which may or may not then be sent up the ladder to a supervisor to vet before it finally reaches a decision-maker level no longer apply.  

Every level of employee can be in a Cloud-based collaborative chat room where they can instantly share ideas and pitches which can be worked on and improved in real-time. From conception to being read for roll-out can take as little as a few hours to a few days. Decision-makers can advise the process of development as the ideas come in.  

You simply cannot have this level of creative ability combining with practical application unless you empower employees to take risks and think independently.  

Work Together  

Departments within a business no longer need to be in competition with each other. It is confusing how different teams should be in competition when their ultimate goal within an organization is the same. Every department and every team within those departments is working for the good of the business.  

It is time to integrate these teams with each other and facilitate an environment of collaboration. Offer the tools and the training to help employees to connect across departments and then find ways to assist each other in completing projects.  

Finance and web development and customer service representatives working together can make a better end result than each department working on a small part and then a third party trying to piece it together into a cohesive whole.  

Reward successful integrated teams to motivate others to seek the same efforts for themselves.

The value of mentors cannot be overstated. Innovative entrepreneurs and business specialists who have experience in adapting to new technologies and predicting which innovations will revolutionize business are to be courted. You need these people to take an interest in you and your business.  

They will be the ones to give you the tip-off on which technologies to use and which innovations would work best for your business. No matter what stage your business is in or how many years it has been around, a mentor can totally refresh your approach to success.  

Consider asking your mentors for recommendations and suggestions on consultants to hire who can help you achieve greater functionality within your business. You may not even be aware of which software or machinery can replace your workforce. Machinery will require a workforce with more training and knowledge, thus improving the quality of products that your company produces.  

Mentors with decades of experience in re-invention and success can help you to identify which areas you should retrain your workforce in and which areas you should fully automate. You may be too close to the business to recognize the changes you need to make. A mentor is the perfect person to give you that blend of personal knowledge of your business practices with the practical and unbiased experience of having run a successful company.

Meta title: Modular Management: Decentralized Businesses
meta desc: Businesses no longer have to be restricted by their physical location to reach customers and fulfill tasks. Digital technologies and new ways of doing business have allows for a decentralized model that may work better with the future of the business world.