Car insurance is as important as your daily meal

Insurance is one of the main running costs of your car. Choosing it well can save you money but above all has the right covers and avoid unpleasant surprises which you cannot absolutely give up. The additional guarantees allow you to extend the mandatory coverage to protect you from a whole series of events ranging from theft and fire, from accidental damage to those caused by atmospheric events or riots until the policies that cover the driver from possible injuries. These are optional services, it is up to you to decide if and which to insert in your next policy. Some strongly recommend themsuch as the theft & fire policy but others have a high cost and the convenience depends on the type of car you own and on which actual risks it runs.

How to choose car insurance in this case?

The Theft & Fire Guarantee protects you from two distinct types of events which almost all insurance companies offer together. The part related to theft covers you from all attempts at break-in even those not completed and those that involve the partial or total destruction of the vehicle.The ทําประกันรถยนต์ protects you from partial theft that is every single part of the car and from total theft when the whole car disappears. But be careful, this type of policy does not cover any objects stored inside the vehicle. The part relating to the fire includes accidental fire damage, lightning, bursts, internal short circuits or overheating of the car with the exclusion from coverage of all the objects contained in the vehicle.

Natural and atmospheric events

It is a policy that the insurance company is not obliged by law to grant its customers even if it is generally proposed you may not find it among those offered to you. It includes the main natural events, such as floods, earthquakes and the damage they cause. Fires are excluded instead.Both partial damage and complete destruction of the car are reimbursed on the basis of its commercial value at the time of the disaster.

Conclusion: Legal or judicial protection

Being involved in a traffic accident can mean having to deal with legal proceedings, for example to ascertain civil and criminal liability. In these cases the Legal Protection clause intervenes which covers expenses and other related costs. They are the costs of expertise and advice and as well as any compensation established by the judge.