One Easy Way to Get Customs Clearance for FBA Freight

Customs clearance is essential for the safety of any country’s borders. The more stringent the customs clearance of a national border, the safer the people and nation. Customs and import/export laws ensure that no material harming national security gets to enter US soil.

But at the same time, these same laws and customs duties make it harder for businesses across the border to execute smoothly.

This is because the myriad of customs duties and import/export laws make it impossible for ordinary businesspersons to handle the clearance of their cargo on their own.

Luckily, you have Customs brokers firms like Clearit USA who have over 35 years of experience in the customs clearance field. If you are someone looking for an easy way around the customs loops, then a customs clearance broker is your answer.

What about the fulfillment by Amazon cargo that you have ready for export to Asia? Can your customs brokerage firm help you with that? The simple answer to that question would be that Clearit Amazon fba freight forwarding service is the best way to get your Amazon cargo imported/exported.

So how does the Clearit Amazon fba freight forwarding work?

Doing business with Amazon is easy. Once you register to deliver your goods/products with FBA, then Amazon will pretty much take care of your whole quality assurance, packaging, delivery, and even customer service.

But what about freight forwarding to the destination? Freight forwarding or simply the exporting of your goods should be handled by yourself.

To face the truth, let’s just say, with all the export/import laws and customs regulations, it is not an easy task. You have to first meet all the set guidelines of FBA in order to get approval from Amazon to forward your goods.

If you manage to abide by all the guidelines of Amazon and get approval for your FBA freight forwarding, now you will be faced with US Customs. They demand all types of documents before clearing your goods.

To save all this headache, it is best to take assistance from quality customs brokers like Clearit Amazon fba freight forwarding.

All you have to do is register yourself with their online portal and transfer the power of attorney in the name of your broker. The rest of the process, starting from preparing the freight according to the FBA guidelines to clearing the goods from the US customs, will be taken care of by them. What’s more? Your broker can even ensure the delivery of your freight to the FBA warehouse.

To conclude, it is best to team up with a customs broker for your FBA freight forwarding because it can help you save a lot of money and time.