Check what customs brokers can do for importers!

If you have done your research on importing, you already know there is a lot to follow and comply with. Importing goods into the US is subject with numerous regulations and statutory requirements, and for new importers, this could be a gigantic task. Instead of trying to decode these requirements and understanding trade laws, working with customs brokers can help importers in a big way. Services like Clearit Amazon FBA freight forwarding have worked with clients extensively and they know what it takes to clear shipments at different ports of entry. Here are some things worth knowing about customs brokers and their work. 

Knowing customs brokers

When we say the term ‘customs brokers’, it may refer to a business, individual, association, or partnership. All customs brokers are licensed and regulated by the U.S. Customs and Border Protection (CBP), and they have to get their license by clearing the Customs Broker License Examination. While on paper, their main task is to clear shipments at the border, but they actually have a huge role for importers and exporters.  

How can a customs broker help?

Besides the obvious regulations that are mandatory for importing, a customs broker can help with state requirements too. They take over the work on behalf of the importer, checking for details like classification of goods, paying necessary duties and taxes, and handling the paperwork & documentation involved. Note that customs brokers don’t need to have a physical office at every port, and they can work with the CBP electronically to get shipments cleared. A broker will also check if a shipment and related documents are compliant with the regulatory requirements. 

Consult a customs broker

Importers who are new to the industry often rely on customs brokers to get fair and unbiased advice on selected imports and trade agreements. It allows importing companies in avoiding the mistakes that can have consequences for their business in the long run. Since every importing business has its own needs and unique requirements, customs brokers can work accordingly and ensure that all the necessary norms are adhered and followed while addressing specific concerns.  

Considering how frequently importing norms and rules change, working with a customs broker is a company’s best at staying compliant and simplifying the process. Do not shy away from asking questions related to the importing process, and do check if the customs broker can handle all kinds of shipments and goods clearance.