Find a Financial Advisor and Financial Planner in North Vancouver

Not everyone is amazing with money. Some people don’t make sense of numbers and they have a hard time deciding where they should be investing their hard-earned money. That’s why financial advisors and planners exist.

In this article, we’re going through the details about finding one. There are more tips and advice on the internet and they are all helpful. The more you read, the better for you. For example, see and learn what you should do before starting your search.

Additionally, we’re going to show you some other tips and tricks while performing your research. We will help you make sense of the problem, and guide you through the process of locating the best one in North Vancouver. Read on and learn everything about this!

Always search through the online map

When you open Google and search for a business, it is so convenient, that it is not clear why anyone would search for a business another way. The map on the side provides all the options you have. Every serious business these days has a Google my Business account.

This account provides its presence on the map. When you search for financial planners, it will show everyone available in the area. If you live in North Vancouver, then it will show everyone in the neighborhood. The more options you see on the map, the more you have to choose from.

It’s always best to choose someone from the area. Choosing someone from another part of the city means long travels and getting stuck in traffic for a simple appointment and meeting. Instead, you can get together in their office that’s five minutes away, or in a local coffee shop. See some more reasons why to hire locally here.

Mind the experience and skills

If someone works in the field of financial management, they surely know how to deal with numbers. They will surely impress you when they calculate your taxes, how much you’re spending on a yearly level, etc. What you need to know is not whether they can calculate fast, but are skilled and experienced.

A skilled and experienced financial advisor will be the one that has been working for a long time. You’re looking for those that have been in the business for years, if not decades. The longer the better.

Being longer in the business means they understand every bit of it. Everything that you need and want to know will be available in one question through them.

These guys surely have been through a lot during their time, so now they know what to avoid and where to invest. Your investment is safe in their hands. If they suggest you should invest in a particular feature, then it means they are right.

On the other hand, choosing someone who’s so excited and keen to work with you but has been in the business for only a few months is not the best. Yes, they’ll try as hard as they can, they’ll do tons of research, but they’ll never have the experience of the older colleagues. They’ll make mistakes the others would never do. This is why you need to choose experience over inspiration at all times.

Online reviews tell a lot about a person

When you’re looking for the best in North Vancouver, you need to look for the reviews coming from people just like you. People who struggled to find the best there is and made their minds eventually. What they chose is what you want to know.

Go online and open Yelp or some of the other directories where businesses are listed and clients of theirs freely talk about their experience working with the advisors. The more information you pick up, the better decision you’ll make. Check out this link to see what other experienced financial advisors think on the subject.

The reviews are excellent because they provide an excellent overview of who’s worth hiring. Those who have no positive reviews are not the ones you need. If they failed other people, they’ll probably fail you. That’s why you should only consider those who have an outstanding reputation.

Look for an honest advisor

Advisors must be honest with you. Those who are just forging you to invest in this or that, are gambling with your money. They’ll win if you win, but if you lose, they won’t lose anything. It’s not their money. This is why you must find someone who’s honest.

You can find out who honest is through the same system we mentioned above – review sites. In the comment section, you can find all kinds of issues and positive sides of the potential candidates. Check the comment section and see who seems to be the best choice. See why honesty matters here:

If some previous clients claim that they’ve lied, then this is not the best option for you. Always look for those comments that say – the advisor was honest. I lost money but they didn’t lie to me, and I made my choice. This is a much better thing to see than anything else.

Compare prices

Not all advisors charge the same. Some will ask for higher compensation than others. Depending on their reputation and experience, they might ask for more or less. Think about what you want and need. If you’re about to drop half a million in investments, then it’s better to look for someone who knows what is doing.

Hire the one that might ask for more, but has a reputation of handling things properly. It’s your money and you decide what to do with them, but without proper guidance, you might lose everything in a blink of an eye.


These points from above will find you the best financial advisor in North Vancouver for sure. You should just go through the points and follow them while searching. Open the map of the search engine and see who’s located nearby. Try to find the best among them. Check out their reputation, experience, and pricing methods.