Drawbacks of DevOps

The information and technology sector has been a stagnant growth in the last decade. With new product developments, the customer demands are rising like never before. To cater to these needs the organizations want to on top of each other, simply because the one who is able to deliver the best product in the least amount of time is the king of the market.

To streamline the everyday barriers and disputes between the development team and operations team came DevOps. A software developed in late 2000 to deplete the tangled product development environment in the information and technology sectors. It follows a simple pattern of build, test, and release. Where the developers develop small amounts of code that are quickly tested and by the testers and delivered without any delays in time. The operations department do not have to pile up servers as there is little to no amount of storage required. Devops patter makes it simple for all departments in an organization to cope with. Post its popularity, there are Devops foundation training provided across the globe. There are a lot of benefits of DevOps however, some concerns towards the software are really worth pointing.

Thorough knowledge:

The users of DevOps should be thoroughly informed about the software. Lack of knowledge can lead to shortcomings in the longer run. It is an extra process that needs to be learned by both the developers and operations department. Not everyone is very receptive to learn. There are always those individuals who disagree to learn or sometimes simply incapable to learn.

Monetary Expense.

Not every organization can afford DevOps. It is n extra expense that has to be incurred by the institutions. Sometimes companies train their employees with DevOps foundation training, the budget goes from companies pocket. Maintaining the software and keeping a constant check of the environment adds on to the cost. Not all consultants are good consultants. Relying on the best in the business might charge more.

Difficult to adapt.

DevOps is a software that should be used at certain points only. Not all organizations are fit to use them completely. There are companies who’s work culture might not allow DevOps to penetrate into the system. If the organization is already in a work cycle, enforcing DevOps can lead to many more issues.

There are a various system that manages DevOps to make sure it runs smoothly. Consultants will always push their product, however, it is ultimately your responsibility and you should consider companies 360-degree work environment pre-application of DevOps. Fundamental questions like, will this help my organization better, can I afford it? will it be accepted by my team? Should be answered and your mind should be clear before bringing Devops into your working culture. Go for the best consultant and always make sure to take a second opinion. Discuss with your employees too before implying Devops.