Electronic Cigarettes – Learn the different categories and Best Types

Electronic cigarettes also known as e-cigarettes are battery-powered nicotine devices that is growing in popularity all across the globe. Although these e-cigarettes come in a multitude of varieties, yet it can be broadly classified into three types namely the cigalikes, egos and the mods.

All you need to know about e-cig Australia:

The most popular varieties of e-cigs are

  • Cigalikes – A cigalike is a first generation e-cigarette, an electronic cigarette made to look and feel as much as a real tobacco cigarette as possible. These come as fully assembled devices, with a basic design with no buttons or dials. Perhaps, cigalikes are the ideal e-cigarettes for beginners
  • Egos- The eGo is a second-generation electronic cigarette and one of the most popular vaporizer. They are larger than cigalikes and usually comes with a removable tank that can be refilled with nicotine-containing e-liquid. Joyetech USA is the authorized supplier and online vendor of Joyetech in North America and has become the fastest growing major electronic distributor.
  • Mods- They are essentially a vape pen on steroids and are larger devices than electronic cigarettes. They are best known for their high vapor production because it provides an enhanced feel due to certain advanced features. The past year has seen the vaping industry boom with new advances in e-cig technology, and the mod e-cigs have turned to be the undoubted champion.

Let us look at some of the top picks of 2019 in vaping

The Best Vape Mods to have the best Experience

The Best Vape Mods has something for everyone to power your favorite atomizers. This article will deal anything about e-cigarettes and more on the cutting-edge box mods from top brands like Smok, Vaporesso and many more to explore the best ultimate in vaping.

Jacvapour Series S22 – The Best Vape for New and Intermediates

With Jacvapour Series S22, you can keep yourself focused and conquer your everyday. This is an updated version of Jack Piper 17 model, but when compared to the previous model, it is much bigger and more powerful with greater capabilities. These electronic cigarettes are lightweight in the hand while still retaining a top quality build.

Aspire Zelos- This is a compact and ergonomic vaping mod from Aspire powered by a 2500mah built-in battery paired with the Nautilus 2 tank. The pack has everything you need to get started vaping into one affordable package. The battery of this device is extremely good, and in fact, Zelos is regarded as the best choice for beginners and intermediate vapers who are apparently seeking a cigarette like a draw.

Innokin EZ Watt- These type of e-cigs are designed to deliver mouth to lung style draws. They are small and easy to use box mod accompanied by Prism Tank. The highest setting will produce 30W – 35W and perhaps great for those folks who are new to vaping. It has decent battery life so the user will not require to make a replacement on a regular basis.

Bottom Line

These top-rated vape mods on the list are perfect in the real world scenario that can be used for everyday vaping and offer exceptional long-term value. An ideal electronic cigarette for beginners and intermediate who want to have the best experience in vaping.