Here’s All You Need To Know About China Liberal Education Holdings Ltd


Do you have a knack into knowing what’s going on in the education services sector? Then, you must have heard about China Liberal Education Holdings Ltd. If you haven’t, don’t worry because here we will provide you with all the essential information required for you to know and understand the market potential. Furthermore, you may have heard of this company if you follow the education service sector closely as they recently closed their initial public offering of 1,333,333 ordinary shares at $6.00 a unit. Listed as NASDAQ: CLEU at, this Beijing headquartered firm has generated a fortune previous year. Now, priced at such an ordinary value, you must be thinking of investing in it or maybe not, but do have a look at the company and its forthcoming projects to help you decide.

China Liberal Education Holdings Ltd. – An overview

CLEU is an educational service provider in China and most of its revenue is derived geographically from China. However, they are listed on US stock exchange as NASDAQ: CLEU which makes them an international firm. The majority of its revenue is derived from textbook sales, overseas consulting, and providing smart campus solutions. However, over years they have systematically changed and tailored their course catering to the needs of current students and making them job-ready. This initiative helped them get a good hold in the education service after which they decided to go public.

Now the question is why you should invest in a firm that is not even present in the USA? Well, it is listed on wall street and you need a player in the market which is consistent and looking forward to improving its share price? So, does CLEU has it in them. Well, let us look at the past performance and analyze their trend.

Operating conditions of NASDAQ: CLEU

The current market conditions are not favorable to any business. However, you will be amazed to see how consistently their shares have performed in the market. Although they started with a base price of $6.00 which now stands at $5.14, the percentage deviation is very less. Over the past five-year period, the shares have experienced as high as $6.50 only. So, why is this good news?

Fairly, it’s not but they didn’t hit the news much back then. But if you look at their current and future strategies, you will see how the share price from tradeweb stock is following the bullish trend. As mentioned by some of the analysts in wall street, China Liberal has shown good growth over the years and is gaining momentum which makes it affordable yet desirable. Disclaimer: The analysis information is for reference only and does not constitute an investment recommendation.