House design: Aspects you should never compromise

You have already made the decision to decorate your home for the first time. Besides choosing the best free home design software, you should choose is the style you want to have a base where you can start decorating. Choose neutral, bright and light colors for the walls. This will create a background that you will gradually be shaping. Strong colors are recommended to complement.

You can choose two neutral tones as a base and a strong one that will give the attractive touch. The good thing about using strong colors as a complement is that if you get bored, it will not be so difficult to change it. Remember that warm tones are better for the living room and entrance. While calm and relaxing colors are suitable for the bedroom.

Measure your home

Before buying any furniture, we recommend measuring all the spaces in your house. With the exact measurements, you can find the perfect pieces that adapt to the structure of your home. When you go to include the sofa, remember to measure the remaining area to have an idea of ​​what extra artifact you can include. Always keep in mind the circulation space, in this way you will avoid buying things that interfere with the traffic of the home. This way you will avoid feeling claustrophobic in the house and overloading the scenery.

How to choose the furniture

If you have no idea where to start, you can start with the living room because it is the most important place in the house. An interior decorator can help you with this design project. The living room is where you spend more time. Receive your family, and friends. To decorate the home, you should go little by little, thinking carefully about the things you are going to buy to avoid future regrets. The first piece of furniture you should invest in for the living room is the sofa. Then you add auxiliary furniture, textiles, ornaments and decorative figures according to the theme you chose.

What are you looking for: functionality or aesthetics?

A professional technician or design professional is not necessary. The key to interior design is always to lean towards functionality. Sometimes we are carried away by the sparkles, colors, and end up buying things that are not useful in the home. Then we do not know where to put them. The important thing when decorating is to look for comfort that will make your life easier. When looking for pieces for your home, the important thing is to divide functionality and aesthetics equally.

Important: Lighting

It is essential to remember that the key to our decoration is lighting. We must seek a balance between natural and artificial light. Natural light must find a way to enhance it. One recommendation is not to cover the windows with heavy curtains that will prevent the access of natural light during the day and darken the space. You can choose a light fabric that matches the main tones you chose. You can also choose table lamps to decorate the environment. If you want to evaluate your future project like a professional, put your trust on Foyr Neo 3D home design software.