How Are Digital Payments Essential to Entrepreneurial Success?


The last year and a half have shown a steady transition to a digital society. The pandemic has forced people to adjust to remote work, organize virtual events, and immerse in online media. Businesses, in particular, had to find ways to attract consumers in the middle of lockdowns and social distancing.

That being said, there is an increasing trend in digital payments. In fact, the market is set to increase by 19.4% CAGR between this year and 2028. This is partly because of the increasing use of smartphones. But it’s also because of the higher number of e-commerce sales in recent years.

If your business aims to increase sales, a loyalty rewards program would help. But given today’s highly digital environment, you ultimately have to invest in a streamlined digital payment system.

What are the benefits of digital payments?

Many consumers have realized the convenience of digital payment systems — they enable quick, contactless transactions. They’re equally beneficial for business profitability. They make financial transactions safer and more convenient, especially now that e-commerce is at an all-time high.

Consider the different ways your business can benefit from a digital payment system:

  • Digital payments are secure because each transaction has a pre-approved amount.
  • Digital payments are specific and preapproved. You get greater control over transactions.
  • There’s a separate card number for every purchase, providing clearer data and audit trails.
  • There’s no need to bring out a virtual or physical card when people can use a mobile wallet.

Additionally, a digital payment system allows you to streamline manual work. 

Digital payment systems typically include — or are connected to — software that records all data your finance team needs to make audits. A digital payment system also automates your accounting team’s workflow, reducing the likelihood of human error or reassuring you that everything is well accounted for.

Why are digital payments important for businesses?

70% of people believe that digital payments are here to stay. It’s convenient for paying stores, suppliers, tax authorities, and other establishments where transactions are made. So for businesses that want to gain an edge over the competition, it’s only right to entertain the idea of having a digital payment system.

There will obviously be challenges with the transition from cash payments to digital payments or the addition of a digital payment option. The primary issue would be whether customers will have sufficient and sustainable interest in the payment methods. The answer ultimately lies in market research — is your target audience interested in digital payments? How do they complete their transactions?

But given today’s circumstances, which have been highlighted by the pandemic’s need for social distancing and temporary lockdowns, there’s no denying that more people understand and accept the importance of digital payments in the future of transactions.

How do you implement a digital payment system?

Before implementing a digital payment system for your business, you have to calculate all resources and expenses related to it. The numbers go beyond the ROI. Here are what you should keep in mind:

  • How much are the initial costs? Is it within your entrepreneurial budger?
  • How much time will the digital system help you save on manual processes?
  • How much time do you have to spend on employee training for the new system?

You also have to consider the most commonly used payment method of your customers. If you see a rising demand for digital payment options, you know you’re on the right track.

Once you’re sure you’re on the right track, it’s time for you to explore your options for digital payment platforms. To maximize your ROI, you’ll want to use a platform that has proven its security and efficiency.

To sum it all up, here are the key takeaways of taking a digital mindset to entrepreneurial transactions:

  • Digital payment systems make transactions easier in an increasingly digital sphere. However, there’s more to it than digitizing transactions through mobile wallets and virtual credit cards. 
  • Digital payments streamline your end-to-end transactions and payment data collection.
  • Even though more people are returning to the office, and even with the return of business travel, consumers have already experienced the convenience of digital payment methods.
  • Maintain a connected digital experience with customers through digital payment solutions.
  • Make your finance and accounting teams’ jobs easier by investing in a digital payment system that automatically and accurately collects purchase and payment information for audits.

You’re constantly improving your products and services to match the needs of your customers. Similarly, you have to take a digital approach to their purchasing options and payment methods. In the long run, a digital payment system gives your sales a boost. Try it today.

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