Quick Guide to Choose the Right Mannequin

Fashion store with woman clothing.

If you own a business or work in the events sector, you would need to ensure that the display looks stellar. One of the most important decorative pieces of a display is the mannequin. You would need quite a few mannequins for the display and the in-store décor.

What would happen if there were no mannequins? Customers would not be able to see the best of the clothing line. Perhaps they wouldn’t enter a store thinking it may not have a good variety of clothes and shoes.

Attracting customers is possible by placing mannequins. Since you’re here for a reason – we would love to share how you can choose the right mannequin. Let’s dive in!

Adjustable Vs. Fixed

There are two types of mannequins – fixed and adjustable. The fixed one will be placed as it is and cannot be moved. Turning their legs, arms, and head is not a possibility.

The good part about the fixed mannequins is that in case a customer bumps into them, they won’t be able to change the shape.

Some stores like the aesthetics of an adjustable mannequin. They can change the look whenever they like and not get bored of it. It allows you to be a little more creative.

Choosing the Gender

Even if you buy high-quality mannequins like mannequins commerciaux Displetech, you would still have to choose the gender.

There are three gender(s) available in the market: male, female, and no-specific gender. Usually, you would find male and female mannequins. Feel free to dress them up the way you like.

It also depends on the theme of the store. Do you focus on men’s fashion or it’s unisex? If you are catering to both men and women, choose both male and female mannequins.

These days brands are embracing plus-size fashion as well, so there is a possibility that you might find plus-size mannequins as well.

How’s the Quality?

You must choose an unbreakable mannequin. It should not break or twist easily. There are some mannequin sellers like Displetech that sell unbreakable male and female mannequins.

Feel free to ask about the costs and things like warranty and durability. As a consumer, you should ask questions and not shy away from discussing your concerns.

Summing up:

If you wish to purchase a mannequin, do in-depth research and find the best seller.

You are going to need a durable, unbreakable, and good-looking mannequin for your store.