The Importance Of Recycling Aluminum Cans

Collection and recycling of aluminum cans are efficient in all countries. Although some country is not an aluminum producer, recycling of the metal and scrap metal refining has allowed the industry to develop.

Benefits Of Recycling Aluminum Cans

Aluminum cans take approximately 400 years to decompose when left in a landfill. This is why recycling aluminum cans provide significant environmental, economic, and social benefits:

  • When producing aluminum from scrap, there is a 95% energy saving compared to producing from ore.
  • In the recycling process, the material’s characteristics do not change since a product with the same properties is obtained. Furthermore, aluminum can be recycled indefinitely and without diminishing its quality.
  • 100% of the material can be recycled.
  • Recycling is a good process because aluminum is a valuable metal: for example, collected used beverage cans fetch a high market value.
  • One kilo of aluminum is equivalent to between 65 to 70 cans, which are paid, depending on the commodity’s value in international markets.
  • Indefinite reuse: The recovered aluminum, once selected and pressed, is melted, and with it, new aluminum ingots are manufactured that are used for any application.

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