A Guide to Learn About Shipping a Golf Cart

Golf Carts provide benefits that go beyond only the golf world. Buying a new golf cart is simply like buying a new car. The golf carts are smaller, and they are less significant than other cars. It adds to the cheaper costs while transporting. Further, with its smaller size, you can ship it nearly anywhere you want.

Visit Ship a Car, Inc. to know all the methods of shipping golf carts. You can purchase a pricey golf cart near my home or a cheaper golf cart that would need to be shipped easily using the website. There is a logical team of carriers who knows how to deal with all kinds of vehicles. Simply you need to contact them and there are no such upfront payments to be done too.

Weight and distance are two things to be kept in mind while transporting golf carts. The weight of golf carts is very less than normal heavy cars. Likewise, these can be easily and affordably transported. Even if the distances are longer, it won’t matter too much about the cost. But the golf carts are not that sturdy making it difficult to pass them through dirt and debris.

How long does it take in shipping a golf cart?

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The time taken is almost like all other vehicles. The delivery takes about 2 to 10 days from the time it is picked up. Besides, the driver normally covers 500 miles per day while transporting cars. The first pick-up is available within one week of placing the order. While placing it, all details of the cart are taken.

For the express golf carts, transport is available within 72 hours of making the order. For customers wanting an urgent delivery, about 30% above the estimated price needs to be paid. They will provide for a fully guaranteed pick-up and drop date. Most of the auto companies try that the customers don’t pay than what is needed.

Ways of shipping a golf cart

·       Creating of the shipment list

When planning to transport a golf cart, there might be some necessities that you will want to include. It might be the type of service you plan on using. The enclosed carriers are best since it protects the carts from external problems. But the cost will be expensive.

If you are looking for anything cheaper, you can try the open carrier. It is even good, but there is no protection from open elements.

·       Providing the shipping and delivery date

The customers have to confirm the pick-up and delivery dates to the auto companies. They must make the payments as per the desired dates. When the pick-up dates are provided, auto companies can perform better.

·       Choosing of best golf cart transporters

There are so many auto companies that make the entire shipping process hassle-free. Check out the experiences of previous customers and then make the decision.


The shipping costs can be anything between $600 to $1,200 depending on the weight and location. Estimates can be tricky but when you consult with the company, it gives accurate detail.