Can Commercial Garage Doors Protect Your Business?

No matter what, security always tops the list of business concerns. That is why most companies spend quite a huge deal on security system installations like CCTVs. Besides this, having good commercial garage doors is also the part of robust security systems today. If your existing doors are outdated, you might be exposed to a security breach.

External threats

Doesn’t matter what your business does, external threats exist everywhere. You need to protect your premises and your property existing inside. A door that is old or is malfunctioning can become a welcome spot for thieves anytime. A non-functional door will make it easier for thieves to break in and jeopardise security. 

This mostly happens because the doors that were built earlier didn’t use graded materials or technology that gets used today. Today, sturdy materials are used to build doors. They use galvanised steel curtains with an option of additional aluminum curtains for greater and better strength. The doors also have the additional support of bolt-on push-up lock and padlock chain keepers. These are mounted on chain hoists, which provide extra security at night. Besides security, these commercial doors increase the curb appeal of your business immensely, which makes it comfortable for the customers to approach your establishment.

Internal threats

While there are external threats for a business, one cannot ignore the number of internal threats that exist too. The internal threats include the factors like temperature, noise, and wind flow. The entire workplace suffers a major drift if the temperature within the workplace shifts drastically. This would mean that the doors are not performing optimally as they should have. To avoid situations like this, one must invest in indoors that are capable of increasing your business’s R-value. 

R-value stands for the representation and measurement of thermal efficiency. A door has better insulating properties if it has a higher R-value. This ensures the door will maintain the internal temperature of the workplace and help the HVAC unit to perform efficiently. A door with a good R-value not just upgrades the ambience of the store but also lessens the noise pollution. This is achieved with the inner and outer galvanised steel surrounding the thick polystyrene core.

The collection from Portes de garage commerciales Garex will be helping you to protect your business from both external and internal threats, increasing your safety along with ensuring a comfortable workplace.