Do You Want to Quit Your Job and Leave Everything Behind to Travel? 

For sure, the thought has entered the minds of every adult at least once: leave everything behind and travel the world.

So many people are unhappy with their current lives. They do not like their jobs but feel cornered because they need to earn money to survive. In fact, that is the reality for millions of Americans. About two-thirds are disengaged with their profession because they feel no meaningful connection with what they do. As a result, they only do the bare minimum.

Quitting to have life-changing adventures for a couple of months to a year is a tempting proposition, but should you do it?

Where Will You Get the Money to Afford Travel?

Traveling, especially from one country to another, can be very expensive. The plane ride alone to your first destination can set you back a couple of hundred dollars. By the time you get there, you also will have to pay for food and lodging. If you are to quit work, you have to find a source of funding.

There are, of course, destinations that are far more affordable to explore, especially for an American. People, for example, go to Southeast Asian nations where the currency is weaker than the U.S. dollar. But, even there, money is needed. Many travelers underestimate the power of the U.S. dollar that they burn through their budget very quickly and end up begging money from locals to fund their adventure.

Ideally, before leaving your job, you should have enough money to survive for a year and more to travel the world. As an alternative, some lenders approve personal loans, even to those who have bad credit, to enable the borrower to achieve the goal of exploring foreign nations. However, because it is a loan, it needs to be paid off. There should be a plan to pay it off if you go this route. People should only borrow what they can afford to give back. If both options do not apply to your situation, it might be a good idea to find part-time remote work that can be done anywhere you go.

It Can Be Dangerous

There is danger everywhere, even when you are at home. However, when you are heading to places you have never been before, the risk of illness and injury goes considerably up.

In foreign countries, even drinking water can be dangerous. Because the germs that exist in this tap water are unfamiliar to you, there is a chance that consuming it will cause tummy aches. In fact, between 70 and 30 percent of travelers suffer from diarrhea.

There are places where the tap water is clean enough to drink, such as Canada and Australia. In other places, however, it might not be a good idea to trust the water coming out of the faucet. You would not want to ruin your first days in a foreign country suffering in bed from water-borne diseases or, worse, go home with a tapeworm in your stomach.

Moreover, as a visitor, you become the target of scams and other crimes. It can happen everywhere, whether you are in Paris or Bangkok. Ideally, you would want to be at least familiar with common scams used against foreigners, which can differ from country to country.

In addition, make sure to list down important phone numbers for emergencies. You might need to contact the police, a nearby hospital, or the embassy.

Is There a Right Time?

There is a right time to quit your job, leave everything behind, and dedicate your time to travel the world. You cannot just go when you have a responsibility to your loved ones, especially. Traveling the world should be an opportunity to learn about new cultures and yourself, not escape from your previous life.

The right time, therefore, is where your absence will not negatively affect someone else’s life. Sure, your family and friends will miss you, but they can survive a year without seeing you. Some people only get the chance to travel in their senior years, when their children are all grown up and have their own lives.

Once you find the right time, do not hesitate to take the plunge. The opportunity to travel the world on your own may not present itself until years later.

Traveling the world is a life-changing experience because it opens your eyes to new sights, new ideas, and new perspectives. While everyone, at some point, wants to have an adventure in a foreign country, not everyone gets to do it. Before leaving everything behind, consider these factors to make sure that you are doing the right thing.